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dance!!!!! by hoyeechun

I do love the color scheme of this piece, the sepia colors make the picture much more retro and Twilight's dress matches that scheme perfectly. The picture gives me a 1920s vibe, which is really unique and is how I imagined where the design of Twilight's dress came from. Now, be prepared, I will say some things that may hurt, but they are purely for you to consider, and I am telling you my opinion to try to help you improve. Now, I think that theshading is a bit off,and it seems to appear that the light source is all over the place, but I can't quite tell because the shading isn't that emphasized. I also think that Twilight is proportioned a little akwardly (which is probably due to the fact that a hose is not biologically structured to stand on theis two hind legs). Overrall, wonderful work, although there is room for improvement, you have a great potental! Keep up the great work!
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