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Well, first of all, I find that your anatomy is quite accurate, and I find that I really enjoy ths picture. The design is very simiar to the pokemon Evee itself, which makes me like the image even more. Further still, I love the design of your human version of Evee because I've never seen a design quite like yours, making your desig stand out from others and prove its originality. I also really like the contasting background, and it sets a mellow mood for the image. It reminds me of the screen in Pokemonwhen you're glancing at your pokemon's summary.
Okay, now here comes the cotructive criticism. Please don't take this the wrong way, please. I struggled to figure out the actual gender of the Evee, being that he had such a slender and sleek figur, which mad me think that he was a she, as well as his ips, which seem a bit too thick. Please don't take this the wrong way either, but I don't think I see a "thing" between the thighs, you know, the thing that only boys have. Don't get me wrong, I really love this, so please continue to do your best!
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the-suns-moon Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you :dummy:
When making Ginjika, I do try my best to include as many elements from the original Pokemon as possible ^^ I was even going to give him brown skin like Eevee's fur, but then... brown skin with brown hair and brown clothes and brown fur just seemed like too much brown ^^; I'm glad he came out unique despite it though haha. I find certain Pokemon (such as Eevee) very hard to translate to people in a unique way ^^;
Ehehe that was actually kind of my inspiration. I kind of wanted the background to look like a summary card sort of deal (mostly because I was too lazy to actually draw in a proper one haha) I'm glad it came out well :)

Haha, there's no way I could be insulted by that XD It's sort of my goal in life to draw girly androgynous boys. This one is actually the most boyish I've drawn in a long time, and even I know he's not actually boyish XD Most of that is actually done on purpose ^^; orz.
Not the family jewels missing though. That was an oversight ^^; I tend to draw the characters without clothes first and add the clothes later, but if I'm drawing the nude person and somebody is watching, I tend to avoid actually drawing in their bits and then I forget about it later OTL. Something I need to work on haha.

I will do my best :icondeterminedplz:. I've made a stupid project for myself to do fantasy versions of all the pokemon that I own (in the video games) soooo there should possibly be more Ginjika in the future hehe
FreedRose Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Student General Artist
No way! You;re doing fantastic! I realy like this project! It's fun, and it's more practice! I need to come up with a cool project like that which I can do on my on time. And on that whole anatomy thing? No biggie. Seriously, I still can't get my firgures right. Mine look like they've dislocated most of thei limbs, and I can't even get the hang of the clothes thing. Anyway, enough about me. You are fantastic! Keep up the amazing work!
the-suns-moon Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you :D 
It is a fun project :3  (Although I don't think I'm going to post any of them on this account :( )
I find fanart projects in general are good because the material is there so it's not a whole lot of effort but you can still have fun with it and do it at your own pace.  Of course, designing characters is fun too (which is why I liked the idea of a ginjika project, because I get to have some elements of design still open to me)
Aww your limbs still look good.  And you've got foreshortening down a heck of a lot better than me XD 
Thanks again.  You too~
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